Plans for Gospel tours

Fund needed: The list below of plans for gospel preaching needs fund for various aspects of the work. Please ask God to guide you. for learning how to send fund directly bank-to-bank transfer, which is the safest and fastest way, click on the page above "Financial-needs". then after that inform me so I can confirm to you on receipt of the same.

* Gospel tour to Hamilton Ganj and neighbouring areas Schedules can be decided only after adequate fund reaches me for travel and other expenses

* Gospel (one day) visit to border military post in Sikkim (Indo-China). Will club this visit with that of Hamilton visit. Where i intend to have a gospel mini meeting with the soldiers in this post. This too depentds on avilability of adequate fund for reaching the area. In one trip I will serve at Hamilton plus Sikkim, locally reaching by a series of buses. i will update this section after realising enough funds for the two trips (two in one trip).

For comprehensive list of video recordings of messages delivered during gospel tours and local meetings, click on "Videos" page up in this website.