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Majalgaon, Dist Beed - Maharashtra

Travelled from Mumbai Monday 28 Oct 2018 via Aurangabad. Reached around lunch time.

Tue 29th Oct.: I ministered the word in the a home of a family in Varola village, some 20 km off Majalgaon. I spoke encouragement based on the Bible in having confidence in who Jesus Christ our Lord is. During praying for various people and their requests, the Spirit of God came in a manifest way on a young college girl while claiming blessings on her studies and her life to the extent her mom was getting ready to hop her if she falls down 😄, I sensed they were very encouraged and they asked me to come again. i think this was my third visit to their home
Wed 30 Oct 2018: We travelled 50 km on bike to a village located in a remote hilly area called "Charderi" village. Seeing their beautiful faces and their enthiusiasm for the third time, i felt good inside of me. i preached to them mainly based on the book of Acts, how Paul served God every where he went after his salvation till end of his life, we too must serve God till our last breath. It was so amazing to see simple elderly village women they came forward to receive blessings through our praying. Myself and Pastor Vijay Kapse
Thu 1 Nov 2018:This was in the church hall of Pastor Vijay Kapse in Majalgaon itself, attended mainly by house wives and few others as it was duty time and a workind day and most men are at work. i preached from Bible that we must love one another.

i also prayed for requests in homes of few families in betwee the free time and few individuals who came over for prayer perpose individually. its aprivilege to be able to bless people of God.

Watch video recording of the message at Majalgao church hall, "Love one another":

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