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Aluway - Kerala

On 13th Feb 2019 I Ministered the word in a local church not too far from Aluwa which is a town near Kochi Kerala. My theme focused on Love of God to us and our love for God. Then I prayed for many as requested. On 15 Feb myself and Pastor Lal Peter we both spoke separately in a church service near our place of stay known as Maria Paddi. We both separately shared our personal testimony as requested, i also shared a little on Iraq and other middle east areas in brief.

On 16th morning we were invited, myself and my host Pastor Lukos Luke in the home of an honorable gentleman from the USA whose name is Mr Thomas. We also enjoyed fellowship over lunch.

Throughout i had many opportunities to pray for healings and other needs, some were of serious nature.

Watch video recordings of the two messages mentione above:

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