I'm fairly well educated at University level and having a number of professional experiences. Now since end of 1999 in full-time ministry as an evangelist. Was born in south of Iraq in Basrah (an Arab), completed school in Kuwait and college level in Mumbai, now I'm an Indian citizen and I love my new country India !

I can summarise my spiritual adopted doctrines as follows: Born again Christian, Penticostal and very specific "Trinitarian", i believe God pre-exists from eternity in three distinct persons, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, enjoy Oneness in nature, mind and purpose.

Since October 1983 I've become a born-again Christian, committed to the Christian historic doctrines and life-style. I would describe my religious orientation as Charismatic and Pentecostal, holding the historic Christian Bi le based faith, believing in the holy trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). As I said up in this page, I am an evangelist, that means I do all sorts of works connected to this tittle, such as healing through prayers in Jesus name, Bible teaching, miracle working, moving in the gift of wisdom, ...etc, to sum up, ministry of the word and prayers. This ministry, namely Rokny Pio Evamgelical Association (proposed, not yet registered), is an independent one, what I mean by this, it is not supported financially by any organization or any particular Church in a committed systematic way, depending entirely on the love offerings of the people of God and well wishers. For partnering or even one time-off contribution, please click on the option given up "Financial-needs" for guidance. I serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on full time basis, so I meet my personal needs as well as ministry activities needs from the contribution people extend to me. Presently, I try to do the work within the resources available to me, hoping things will change and I can do other projects in my heart within the sphere of the serving the gospel. I work in consultation with others in my ministry. By the grace of God I and my ministry we are debt-free, one more point to add in recent years, i think since June 2016 i have been trying personal business but as of now it is still in infancy level, for now more of a hobby than profit making, just petty amounts of profits that meet nothing of my living daily needs.

So, presently, in simple language what I do ? I travel to various places, in India, neighboring Nepal and hopefully soon to be to other countries, to minister in gospel cum healing services. Locally, with the help of God, I started a Church around the mid of 2012 at Kolivory village (Smyrna Church) in Kalina area of Mumbai, near my residence, I myself preach in my church when at home - God spoke prophetically in more than one occasion of big increase of this local church, and also independently on other occasions of a major expanded travel scope of gospel tours to cover many countries, so, even though we are small for now but we are very hopeful.

Over the years, since late 1990's, I built up ministry relationships with many pastors, church leaders and prayer groups all over India, Nepal and also in other countries, I travel whenever possible and finance permit and minister the word and heal the sick in these places. Few times in past God gave me prophesies in where I ministered and also fulfilled those things I prophesied.

I welcome building ministry relationships with other like minded church based leaders and gospel workers, both locally and otherwise to help me go ahead and fulfill God's purposes all over in preaching the gospel.