Jesus My Healer

In the year 1983 I faced serious health crisis, senior orthopedic doctor diagnosed a spinal disease in my body, Anchlyosing Spondilitis. He said that this disease was progressive, that means it becomes very bad in time, he tried to prepare me psychologically to accept the worse that was to come, namely my spine becomes calcified and eventually I would be bed-ridden. I was told that all existing medicines were only experimental and generally they harm the patient. The severity of the pain and the frequency of recurrence indicated that I was in an advance stage of the disease and my doctor was frank enough to predict my bed-ridden condition to be a matter of few months that was to come, he said he was so sure that he would be ready to resign his profession, if proved mistaken.

I was in double hopeless state, from the one side unbearable pain, even taking high potent pain killer was just about giving the relief and on the other hand I was facing family breakup mainly due to my receiving Jesus as my Lord and Savior, it was real distress. Family members tried to divert me to "YOGA", many supposed to be healing miracles were told to me, but I, basing my decision on prominent Christian teachers who warn us from indulging in yoga I decided to turn to Jesus Christ alone as my God, Savior & healer too. I decided to trust Him fully to the extent with healing or not I turned to Jesus.

 So I confessed my sins to Him, including those of having, worshiping and serving the idols of my ancestors, for I was born and brought up in a Roman Catholic religion and the elders of a Christian believers Church prayed for me and I set myself to live for Jesus. After prayers I experienced immediate tangible relief and within seven days I was totally healed. Now many years passed and I do not regret I followed Him, over the years I witnessed Jesus healing many other people in hopeless situations due to  variety of problems of life, this includes healing from physical sicknesses, enslaving sinful habits and many more. Now it could be you, come to Jesus by faith and receive forgiveness of sins and receive eternal life and ask Him for your practical problem, for when it is impossible with you it is still possible with Him, it is never hopeless with Jesus. He is the only person who has authority to wipe away sins and change your destiny from hell to heaven; this is because of the perfect sacrifice that Jesus offered on the cross, which is acceptable to God as a price for the sins of the world. His resurrection from the dead three days after the cross rightly gives Him the title "THE LIVING ALMIGHTY GOD".