How to Receive Jesus  

(practical step-by-step help)  

Sin, the main culprit: Man cannot fellowship with his creator because of sin, which separates man from God. All humans has sinned knowingly or unknowingly, no one is guiltless.  

God's remedy: There is only one remedy God has provided for man to restore relationship together, the man Jesus Christ. God has chosen Jesus to be the only One acceptable mediator between man and God. 

Jesus, the perfect sacrifice for the sins of the World: Jesus Christ, although not deserving death, because there was no sin in Him, was willing to obey God the Father and be put to death as the substitute for all humanity, that whoever believe in Him will be saved from sin and eternal judgment.  

How to receive Jesus? Now, we come to the practical steps.

(1) Confess with your mouth the fact mentioned in the Holy Bible about who Jesus is and His saving grace to you personally.

(2) Acknowledge to God your sinfulness and your need for salvation from sin and eternal judgment. Asking Him The Bible says, if you do step (1) & (2) you will be saved from sin and eternal judgment.

The following is a simple prayer helping you cover up the abovementioned points. Say it from your heart and audibly with your mouth to God, this will result in your salvation.

Heavenly Father, I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins and rose from the dead the third day. Today He is alive in heaven in Your presence. I come to You in His name and I acknowledge that I have sinned against You knowingly and unknowingly too. Forgive me all my sins and   accept me as Your son

After saying this prayer sincerely to God, the Bible says you are now a born-again child of God, born from God through the Holy Spirit. To grow in the faith you need to regularly pray, fellowship with like minded Christians who are Bible believing and also read daily the Bible (God's word)...a suggestion, start reading the New Testament from the Book of John.

God bless you...I would be delighted to hear from you.

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