Finacial needs and donations

In this page, I express some of my  financial needs and also at end of this page provided a guide on how to send me money.

======== List of needs ============================================

Current needs:
Some of my needs are as follows ...

Travel gospel tours:
Gospel tour plans is listed in advance on the left column in Travel page of this website, option to click up on the top section here. A lot of fund is needed to realise these plans and I am highly dependedent on adequate amount raised in each case.

You are welcome to ask me to clarify any ministry related matter and even personal things related to it, my contact details listed in the Contact page up in this website, you can click up in the main options.

How I handle money ? Since my ministry has not reached a formal registration status with the charitable trust commissioner of our state Government, money coming in I treat as personal income (self-employed, Evangelist) and I always declare it in my cash book as an income. At my discretion I use part of it for personal needs (I'm on full time ministry basis, have no other source) and part of it I use for ministry activities expenses such as travel, hotel ...etc. Small amounts that comes in hand on day-to-day basis this hardly meet personal needs like food and local conveyance, but I always declare in my formal cash book as income, even small amounts like ten rupees too! And of coursr, I submit my returns papers at the appropriate time of the year to the Income Tax authority. I maintain and complete my account and tax papers personally (I don't hire a professional paid accountant).

I personally need a house:
I need to purchase a house of my own. I prefer in Kalina area, as this is in close proximity to both airports the domestic as well as the International.
I cannot do so on my own as I'm serving the Lord on full time basis, where money incoming is not enough to buy a house. So, currently, since my return from Kashmir in February 2004, have been living in cheap dormitory guest house. a very difficult and humiliating situation.

How to send money to me?
My preferred method:
Direct bank-to-bank transfer, this will ensure money reaches me safely, not lost in post ... etc

Send me request through email or phone, or sms then i will post you my bank details.

Conventional transfer:
Make a crossed check or draft on any bank in Mumbai in favor of ROKNY HENRY PIO, then post it to my address mentioned on this website, Page: Contact us listed up in this website. Please note that postal services are not always reliable

Other convenient facilities
There exist other conveniences available from many countries, if it is convenient to you, ask you local bank or transfer dealer ... to name two popular methods available near my residence, Western Union, and also MoneyGram. Then after that inform me with details. Remember, my name officially is: Rokny Henry Pio and my city is Mumbai in India.